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Enjoy the benefits of eating whole grain foods using freshly milled whole grain flours.






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Freshly Milled Whole Wheat Flour

Freshly Milled 100% Whole Wheat Flour  |  Buy Whole Wheat Flour  |  Whole Wheat Bread  |  Whole Grain Wheat  |  Whole Grain Spelt

Freshly Milled  100% Whole Grain Flours

100% Whole Grain Flours
Milled fresh AFTER you order it
Only days not months old
Fresher flour =
Fresher FLAVOR
Healthier and more nutritious than prepackaged whole wheat flours


100% Whole Wheat Flour

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Professional bakers agree, there is nothing like baking with freshly milled whole wheat flour.  Whether it’s whole wheat breads, rolls, pretzels, cookies, or pizza dough, you will enjoy the many benefits that freshly milled flour has over pre-packaged flours.  Home made breads taste better using freshly milled flour from 100% whole grain.

Home Made Whole Wheat Bread Loaves
Eating Whole Grain Bread

Our Whole Grain is “Milled to Order”!  

That means we don’t mill it until you order it.  You are receiving fresh whole wheat flour that is only DAYS not MONTHS old.  That means fresher tasting and more nutritious breads, pastas, cookies, and other baked goodies.

Why Freshly Milled Whole Wheat?


Did you know... Whole wheat flour begins to lose it’s nutritional value within a few days after being milled?


Did you know... The wheat germ oil in flour begins to turn rancid within a few days after being milled?


Did you know... Whole wheat flour purchased in retails stores have been sitting on the shelves for several weeks and even months before arriving at the store?  


Did you know... One reason why people don’t like whole wheat bread is NOT because of the taste of whole wheat flour, but because of the oil in the old flour that is turning rancid?


Who are we?


We are a small business, family owned, and family operated.  We buy our grain by the ton from one of the best places on earth to grow grain: Montana.  We sell the whole grain and flour mainly to local families, individuals, and groups.  Recently, we decided to take it to the Internet!  Now, those who don’t have the means of milling their own whole grains at home can benefit from freshly milled, nutritious and tasty, whole wheat flour in their favorite recipes.  

100% Whole Grain
Hard White Whole Wheat Flour
Milled from Prairie Gold® Whole Grain
3 lb Bag - Sale $3.90 Regular $4.80

This flour, ground from Prairie Gold® whole wheat, will delight you, your family and your friends in every way. It’s so versatile it can be substituted for white flour in many recipes, giving your baked goods unique flavor, plus all of the benefits of whole wheat. 100 % whole wheat flour. Chemical and GMO Free.


5 lb Bag Whole Grain Hard White Wheat Flour
Antique Whole Wheat Grain Mill
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